Dynamic Movies (SDLs)

All API access is over HTTPS, and can be accessed via the api-<region>.impossible.io endpoint, e.g. api-eu-west-1.impossible.io for the EU (West) region.

HTTP Verb URL Function
Dynamic Movie Templates (SDLs)
GET /v1/list/sdl/<project-uid> List dynamic movies
GET /v1/sdl/<project-uid>/<moviename> Retrieving dynamic movies
POST /v1/sdl/<project-uid>/<moviename> Creating dynamic movies
PUT /v1/sdl/<project-uid>/<moviename> Updating dynamic movies
DELETE /v1/sdl/<project-uid> Deleting dynamic movies
GET /v1/sdlvariables/<project-uid>/<moviename> Get information about variables used in the dynamic movie

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