Assets & Other Resources

REST API Asset Management

All API access is over HTTPS, and can be accessed via the api-<region> endpoint, e.g. for the EU (West) region.

HTTP Verb URL Function
GET /v1/list/data/<project-uid> List resources
GET /v1/data/<project-uid>/<filename.ext> Retrieving resources
POST /v1/data/<project-uid>/<filename.ext> Uploading resources
PUT /v1/data/<project-uid>/<filename.ext> Updating resources
DELETE /v1/data/<project-uid>/<filename.ext> Deleting resources

Multipart Asset Upload

For larger video assets it is recommended to use the multipart uploading mechanism.

To start a multipart upload, you post a request to the chunked/videos endpoint for your project. The result will contain an ID representing the video and identifies the multipart upload.

Then you upload the asset in equal size chunked (except for the last part), and finished the sequence with a finish request.

HTTP Verb URL Function
POST /chunked/videos/<project-uid>?chunk_count=<chunk-count>&chunk_size=<chunk-size>&name=<name>" Request multi-part upload
POST /chunked/videos/<project-uid>/<upload-id>/chunks?chunk_id=<chunk-no> Uploading resources
POST /chunked/videos/<project-uid>/<upload-id>/finished Signal end of multi-part upload

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