Create a New Template

  1. Click developer_modeXML Templates in the Project Management Console
  2. Click addNew Template
  3. Give the template a name (only letters and/or numbers)
  4. Click Create

The Source editor always creates new template with some simple XML that is a perfectly valid XML template. It is a simple one scene template that renders the text "Hello World" on to the middle of the video. To see how that looks like, click on the Preview tab and watch the video after it has been rendered.

To create a slightly more complicated template that uses a variable to display any text, copy and paste the following XML into the editor or replace the <text content.../> line of code:

<movie version="20171002" width="640" height="360" framerate="25/1">
    <scene duration="2s">
        <text content="Hello ${name}" color="#ffffff" xalign="center" />

The static content "Hello World" has been replaced with a variable declaration ${name}. This declaration creates a variable named name whose value can be supplied with a render request. In the Parameter tab you should now see a input field where you an enter any text. When you preview the template now it renders the phrase "Hello {name}", replacing {name} with whatever you have entered in the input field.

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