Pricing that scales with your needs

Pay only for what you render with no minimum fees. Pricing depends on the duration and resolution of the content that you output. Each rendered video is billed accurate to seconds with no rounding up.

Volume Render Rates

First 1,000 minutes $0.20 / minute
Next 4,000 minutes $0.15 / minute
Next 10,000 minutes $0.12 / minute
Next 35,000 minutes $0.10 / minute
Next 100,000 minutes $0.08 / minute
Next 250,000 minutes $0.07 / minute
Next 600,000 minutes $0.06 / minute
Over 1,000,000 minutes $0.05 / minute

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Details

Free Tier

To help you test ImpossibleFX, we offer a monthly free usage tier. The free tier consists of 30 minutes of SD video output. Once you exceed the number of minutes in this free usage tier, you will be charged at the prevailing rates. We do not watermark the output content or otherwise limit the functionality of the service, so you can use it and truly get a feel for its capabilities.

Video Size

You are being charged according to the duration and resolution of the videos you create. For example, a video that lasts 2 minutes costs twice as much as videos that lasts 1 minute. All quoted prices are based on an output size of up to 640x360 (Standard Definition, SD). A 1-minute video with an output size of 1280x720 (HD) will be counted as 2 minutes of standard definition (SD) and a 1-minute High definition (Full HD) video will count as four minutes.

Resolution up to 1 minute
counted as
640x360 (nHD) 1 minute
960x540 (qHD) 1.5 minutes
1280x720 (HD) 2 minutes
1920x1080 (Full HD) 4 minutes
3840x2160 (4K) 10 minutes

Parallel Render Requests (Distributed Rendering)

For longer and/or more complex dynamic movies you can distribute the render load onto several render servers in order to achieve shorter rendering times. Each server will render a piece of the video and all pieces will then be stiched together. For each render request, you can specify how many servers to use. The more servers you use the faster your video will render. Each additional server increases the minute count by 25%.

Number of servers 1 minute
counted as
2 servers 1.25 minutes
3 servers 1.5 minutes
4 servers 1.75 minutes
5 servers 2 minutes
6 servers 2.25 minutes

Single Frame Requests

Single image output is priced as 1 second of 640x360 video, independent of resolution.

Dedicated Render Cluster

For demanding render workloads or for compliance and regulatory requirements we offer dedicated render clusters which are separated from the general render infrastructure for your exclusive use. Cluster types differ in number of CPUs and memory. Cluster types with more CPUs and memory are faster and can handle more demanding workloads. Clusters automatically scale out to handle increasing load with with no extra cost.

Cluster Type CPUs Memory Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
D1 16 30 GB $1,500 $2.15
D2 32 60 GB $3,000 $4.25
D3 64 120 GB $4,500 $6.50